Monday, June 21, 2010

Introduction: Wine, Food & Fun

A little bit about me...

I graduated with a degree in hotel & resturant management and worked as a restaurant manager for 5 years.  In school, I studied in Europe and completed a couple courses overseas including one on food & beverage pairing (both beer & wine were discussed!)  I also wrote a 40 page research paper on this, but I promise not to bore you with the details.  A couple months after my 24th birthday and after studying for a year, I became a level one Sommelier.  Since then, I have written wine lists for both casual and fine dining restaurant locations as well as helped organize and run a food & wine festival.  I have also done a bit of traveling to wine country and tasted wines right where they are made. 

A little bit about my blog...

As I write my blogs, I will offer up suggesions on different wines I've tasted as well as food & wine pairings that are A-mazing.  Typically I will write in the format of the type of wine consumed, the type of food consumed, and the type of fun we had!  Hopefully you will be able to try them out for yourselves, make other combinations and offer up additional suggestions & changes that may improve on the fun even more! 

I will also offer up suggestions of things I haven't yet tried in the hopes that as a community, we can try them out together and tell everyone what you think.  After all, wine tasting notes are better and more complete when a group is compiling them! 

I drink wine because I believe it can enhance an experience or maybe it's because I'm half Italian, so it's in my blood.  Either way, let's get to it! 


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